Data Scientist & Software Developer

London, United Kingdom





I am excited by the insights that can be gained from data and the new methods of analysis which are being developed, as such I am enthusiastic Software Development and Data Science. I am currently working as a Data Science Intern at AdExperiments.io. My role involves managing creative studies, measuring the impactfulness of digital adverts on their intended audience, and developing and updating software for back-end processes. My undergraduate degree is in Physics and Philosophy from Durham Universtiy, and I have recently completed an MSc in Political Science and Political Economy at the London School of Economics. In my spare time I am developing a video game simulating being a Member of Parliament. A small prototype of the game that I have developed can be found below for download.

Download below a Java executable file of a Vote of Confidence simulation that I have developed. This is a prototype to the full Member of Parliament Simulator game that I am developing. The source code can be found here on GitHub. (You may need to download Java to run this, which can be found here)


Download Vote of Confidence Game

In the past I have written about politics on my blog Itisok2flipflop. One post has been shared over 500 times on Facebook. Separate posts have been retweeted by John McTernan a former advisor to Tony Blair.


Programming Languages


I have significant experience using Java, R, SQL and Google's Go Language. In addition I have experience with JavaScript, HTML and Stata.




I have been developing with Java since September 2017. A sample of my work in Java can be found here.



I have used R throughout my Masters course at LSE. I have used it primarily for Data Analysis. Using R I completed research with the Twitter API for R that investigated how people's tweets differed according to their political preferences. The paper which includes a sample of my code is available for download here.



I have used PostgreSQL to manage relational databases in my role at AdExperiments. In addition I have completed courses on udemy.com which I have been accredited for.



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